How to Include the Bread in a Balanced Diet?

Many people think that the bread is one of the worst foods that we can have handy if we want to really lose weight or even maintain the line. We talk about bread as something so generic that obviously, we do not see the differences that can be between one kind of bread and another, being these very important to determine the appropriateness or not continue consuming this food. In principle, should not close ourselves to eating bread with a meal, but always knowing what the best bread is for every moment and situation.

And it is that, as often happens with many other foods, it is true that there are certain breads that are refined flours or sugars which can be harmful not only to our weight, but for our own body. In fact, among the reasons to stop eating white bread is that it increases the risk of type 2 diabetes. On the other hand, there are other much more healthy options that are a perfect complement to any meal, and allow us to continue to enjoy this ancient food without feeling bad when it comes to looking at the scale.Dave Rule Review about Anabolic Cooking Cookbook

Here are some useful tips to include bread in a balanced diet, even when we are trying to lose weight:

Bet on whole-grain bread: is true that for many it is not the same, but bread is a solution much more healthy and rich in proteins than the bread that we eat normally. Bread quite less fattening, and can be perfect for sandwiches low in calories, sandwiches and others, but always overdo it, of course.
Organic bread, more natural choice: organic bread can be found in many shops (especially those dedicated to natural food) and offers us the option to enjoy the bread always but with much less exposure to pesticides and other harmful products in the fields.

Better in the morning, at breakfast: the breakfast is the best time to eat bread. A healthy breakfast can perfectly include some toast with margarine or jam light. A great choice to start the day!. The bread at lunch is also advisable, although to a lesser extent. At night, it is best to avoid it, because it does not provide easy us precisely the digestion in the hours of sleep.

Always eat it as a complement: may be to dip it in some soup or to accompany meat or fish, but always in small portions and as a complement. Eat bread only by eating something is one of those excesses or habits that make us fat and ultimately end up paying with in the form of a few extra pounds.
Prepare your own bread: If you really want to know what is what brings the bread you eat, nothing better than to prepare it by yourself. So you can do so with a much healthier recipe, changing wheat flour by Cocoas, for example.

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How to Make Your Own Yogurt

One of the healthiest foods of all time is the yogurt, versatile, nutritious and balanced. We teach you how you can prepare at home and customize it to your liking.

Yogurt is the result of the milk coagulated by lactic fermentation. It is produced by the action of two very good bacteria for health: streptococcus thermophiles and Lactobacillus. When these bacteria are in an environment of low temperature and specific conditions, they ingest lactose of milk and produce lactic acid. In this way, the milk proteins produce the clot.

Known instruments are what you’ll need and steps you must follow to achieve your own yogurt.

What Do I Need To Make My Own Yogurt?

1 Milk

You can make yogurt with any type of milk, in this case we’ll explain the process using cow’s milk. You can use from whole milk to skim milk. If you want to do it with soy milk or almond, the process varies a little. For beginners the easiest is whole milk because it is dense and creamy. If the milk is less oily, the mixture will be less creamy, so you can use thickeners such as nonfat dry milk powder, jelly without taste or pectin.

2 Base

It will be crops of live bacteria that will help to transform milk into yogurt. You can start using a base with natural yogurt or buy powder base of yogurt. If you buy the yogurt verifies that the label mentioned have the live and active cultures.Yogurt For Truth About Cellulite

3 Incubator

Near the end of the process you have to incubate the mixture for several hours, making it easier than buying an incubator yogurt manufacturer, it is not expensive and keeps the yogurt at a stable temperature while incubated. However, it is not mandatory, a good thermal well will do the job.

4 Flavor And Coverage

Although it is not necessary to add flavors, these can make the yogurt more fun and tempting for different palates. You can add them until it is served. Add fruits, honey, jellies, sugar, sweeteners, syrups, cereal, granola or anything else you like.

How do I make my own yogurt?

This recipe will serve to 4 yogurt cups approximately.

What material do I need?

Large, heavy pot or microwave container

Thermometer (preferably those which can be fastened to one side of the pot or container

Bowl large (larger than the pot)

Small bowl

Whisk or spoon


Containers for storing

Incubator for yogurt or Thermo

Strainer gauze or fabric (optional)


Milk ¼

3 tablespoons of base (powder for yogurt or yogurt)

Thickeners (optional)

Taste and coverage (optional)


Prepare your workplace. It is extremely important that all your materials, tools and surfaces are clean. Either you use the option “disinfect” your dishwasher or sterilize everything with boiled water. Fill the bowl with ice and subject the thermometer to the large pot. Remember that you should not touch the bottom of the pot.

Heat the milk. Add the milk in large saucepan and heat over medium heat. Wait until it reaches at least 180 degrees or comes to a boil. Stir occasionally so that it does not believe a thick film on the bottom of the pot. If you want to use your single microwave you should place the milk into the suitable container and heat for 2-3 minutes intervals until it reaches 180 degrees or boil.

It cools the milk. Place the pan into the bowl with ice to allow milk to cool to 110 degrees. Stir occasionally. If low of 110 degrees, return fire.

It adds the base. If you use yogurt as a base, in small bowl combine one cup of hot milk with yogurt and stir. Add mixture to the pot and stir until well incorporated. If you use powder for yogurt, follow the instructions on the package and add it to the mixture until it is completely dissolved. If you are going to use thickeners, it is time to add it.

Prepare the incubation. First, pour the hot mixture in the incubator or Thermo. During the incubation, you must keep the mixture to 35-45 °. If the temperature drops a bit, the yogurt will be fine but the texture will be less dense.

Incubation begins. Simply heat the interior of the water heater or incubator adding hot swirl-shaped water that warms everything evenly. Then empty it and add the yogurt. Wrapped with a cloth, blanket or towel and leave it in a safe place.

Hold on. Let it stand for 5 hours minimum, but you can leave more time without any problem. The longer you leave it, more dense and acid will be yogurt. Test the result, if you like, is ready.

Strain the mixture (optional). If you want to make a more dense yogurt, like Greek yogurt, pass the mixture through a gauze strainer and then let drain in refrigerator at least one hour. If you want an even denser yogurt, use a double layer of gauze and let stand overnight.
Yogurt store. Place them in containers to store and cool them for 2 or 3 hours.

Add the flavor or coverage. It’s time to get creative! Or simply enjoy the natural yogurt.

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Why Not I Improve My Race Times?

We can spend weeks training hard and there comes a time where we bogged and there is no way to improve race times, what could be happening, what solutions there? It is not always easy to find the problem, but we can analyze several factors.

As main factors, we can analyze several: types of training we are doing, lack of rest, poor diet, possible injury or factors associated with our age. Not improve race times may be due to one or more of these factors, analyze them in more detail.

Are We Training Properly?

Here two things can happen: we are having with workouts in kilometers or intensity, by which we Or we did not get to do intense workouts that allow us to improve our running speed.Click The Following Internet Site

The rest is one of the pillars to run well

Both in quantity and in quality. If we want to assimilate well workouts necessary having a proper rest at night. It is important to sleep 7-9 hours to try that our sleep is not interrupted during the night.

We also have to take into account the rest after an intense workout or long running. After one of these trainings we must allow a reasonable time for our body to recover. This will depend on our level, but in general, 24 to 48 hours of rest after a “cane” workout.

The Power Supply Also Features

Especially when we prepare distances long. It is important to train with deposits of energy packed, most in intensive training. Similarly, hydration and good nutrition after training will help us to recover.

We should not neglect the protein intake in the diet of the corridor. And to ensure that no missing fruit and vegetables in the main dishes. If we have a balanced diet rich in nutrients, you can do workouts to 100 percent.

That dolorcillo or injury that does not leave us to train well

Many times we think that a little pain in the knee, ankle or muscle is not important, but it is preventing that we train normally. That pain is telling us that we can develop a more serious injury and our performance is going to be affected.

A pain that we do not know calm with rest or visiting the Physic, it can become a chronic pain that us makes it impossible to make certain movements or train with intensity. It is another factor which our times may be affected.

Room for Improvement Is Lost With Age

Run with twenty years is not the same as running with forty. The room for improvement of the times is not so big (with exceptions). Normally with age resistance wins, but loses power and speed. Therefore, it is normal to reach a plateau of results when we reach a certain age, especially if we don’t plan well training.

The Times of Career Stagnation Is Usually Multifactorial

I.e., it tends to rely on several of these factors. I dare to say that the most important factor is the knowledge plan workouts. The quantity and quality of training is essential and is not always easy to tune them to follow in progression.

There is also that take into account at the beginning is easy to improve, as they spend the months of training, narrows the margin of improvement and we reach a plateau that is hard to pass, so you have to have patience.

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